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Press Releases

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    Selected Economic Indicators, Aban 1395 Published  
    "Economic Trends" No 84, Spring 1395 (2016/2017) Released  
    Iran, Kyrgyzstan to expand Banking Co-op  
    IMF Staff Completes 2016 Article IV Mission to Islamic Republic of Iran  
    CBI Governor Chairs IFSB Council in 2017  
    New Zealand to Develop Stronger Banking Ties with Iran  
    Iran-Ukraine to Expand Banking Ties  
    More Than $10000 to Be Declared for Cross-Border Travels  
    Sixth Issue of Selected Economic Indicators for This Year Released  
    European banks are reluctant because they are not properly informed  
    Bank of China to operate in Iran  
    Governor Seif’s Speech at Singapore Summit  
    Asian tiger on the way to Iran  
    Iran welcomes establishment of representative offices and bank branches  
    Selected Economic Indicators for July-august 2016 released  
    Iran, Vietnam to Form Joint Banking Committee  
    Iran - Malaysia collaborate in the field of Islamic banking  
    Economic Actors Persuade European Politicians to Expand Trades with Iran  
    Normalization of Iran – Europe banking relations  
    Selected Economic Indicators for June-July 2016 released  
    Greece to expand economic ties with Iran  
    OeKB Export Insurance Coverage rose to €1b  
    Iran, France expand banking ties  
    Required Capital to Establish Foreign Banks in Free Zones Reduced to €100m  
    Iranian Banks to Open Branches in Munich  
    Iran, Russia Ink Banking MoU  
    CBI Governor: Improving Regional Cooperations to Cope With Int'l Financial Crises  
    Iran takes over SEANZA chairmanship  
    Iran , Ecuador sign Banking MoU  
    CBI Deputy Governer: Joint Expert Committee improves Iran and Pakistan banking relations  
    CBI to Open Accounts in Chexim  
    Iran, Azerbaijan Ink Banking MoU  
    New “Selected Economic Indicators” released  
    Economic Trends No 83, Fourth Quarter 1394(2015/2016) released  
    Required Capital to Establish Off-Shore Banks in Free Zones Rose to €150m  
    New issue of “selected Economic Indicators” released  
    Russia to back Iranian Int'l banking activities  
    Sustainable single-digit inflation rate and redesign of banking supervision system  
    Iran A Stable and Strong Partner  
    Statement by Mr. David Lipton at the Conclusion of his Visit to Iran  
    Iran—Achieving its Potential in the Global Economy  
    Iran, Azerbaijan to form joint monetary and banking committee  
    IMF assists Iran to reintegrate with the global financial system, admirable economic management in Iran  
    CBI receiving the IMF First Deputy Managing Director  
    CBI signed Banking Supervision MoU with S. Korean Institutes  
    Economic Trends No 82, Third Quarter 1394(2015/2016) released  
    New issue of “Selected Economic Indicators” released  
    MoU inked between CBI and KDB  
    S. Korean Bank to Inaugurate a Representative Office in Iran  
    Swiss Federal Department of finance (FDF): Switzerland Opens Financial Dialogue with Iran  
    No Restrictions for Int'l Banking Operations  
    Iran to Boost Banking and Economic Ties with Germany  
    CBI to Chair IFSB in 2017  
    Iran, Italy banking ties enter a new phase  
    Iran, Kazakhstan banking MoU and its implementation  
    India to Pay off Debts  
    Ratification of the law of combating the financing of terrorism (CFT)  
    New Issue of “Annual Economic Review”  
    Iran- South Korea banking and trade relations  
    Iran and Switzerland to cooperate in AML and combating financing terrorism  
    SWIFT completes the on-boarding process for Iranian banks  
    Agreement reached between Coface State Garantees and the Central Bank of of Iran  
    Amano: Iranian treasury of national jewels, incomparable  
    Official relief of SWIFT sanctions