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Central Bank of The Islamic Replic of Iran
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Foreign Exchange Rates


Exchange Rates    22/09/2014
USD US Dollar 26,648 down
GBP British Pound 43,583 up
CHF Swiss Franc 28,393 up
SEK Swedish Krona 3,733 up
NOK Norwegian Kroner 4,202 up
DKK Danish Krone 4,605 up
INR Indian Rupee 439 eq
AED Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham 7,256 eq
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar 92,857 up
PKR100 Pakistan 100 Rupees 25,975 up
JPY100 Japanese 100 Yens 24,498 up
HKD Hong Kong Dollar 3,439 eq
OMR Omani Rial 69,221 up
CAD Canadian Dollar 24,369 up
ZAR South Africa Rand 2,410 up
TRY Turkish New Lira 11,935 down
RUB Russian Ruble 693 down
QAR Qatari Rial 7,320 up
IQD100 Iraqi 100 Dinars 2,297 eq
SYP Syrian pound 170 eq
AUD Australian Dollar 23,814 up
SAR Saudi Riyal 7,107 up
BHD Bahraini Dinar 70,689 up
SGD Singapore Dollar 21,063 up
LKR10 Sri Lanka 10 Rupees 2,047 up
NPR100 Nepalese 100 Rupees 26,898 down
AMD100 Armenian 100 Drams 6,538 eq
LYD Libyan Dinar 21,925 up
CNY Chinese Yuan 4,339 up
THB100 Thai 100 Bahts 82,835 up
MYR Malaysian Ringgit 8,264 up
KRW1000 South Korean 1000 Wons 25,624 up
EUR Euro 34,276 up
KZT100 Kazakhstani 100 tenge 14,647 up
AFN Afghan Afghani 472 up
AZN Azerbaijani Manat 33,975 up
BYR1000 Belarusian 1000 Rubles 2,529 eq
TJS Tajikistan Somoni 5,332 down
VEB Venezuelan bolivar 4,241 eq


A multiple-tier exchange rate regime was in place prior to 21 March 2002.

No rates are quoted on Iranian holidays for which the previous day's rates will apply.