Press Releases

Selected Economic Indicators for September - October 2018 Released  
Selected Economic Indicators for August-September 2018 Released  
Economic Trends No 92, First Quarter 1397(2018/2019)  
Selected Economic Indicators for August 2018 Released  
Selected Economic Indicators for june - july 2018 Released  
Selected Economic Indicators for spring 1397 Released  
New governor of the Central Bank of Iran appointed  
"Economic Trends" 91st, Winter 1396 (2017/2018) Released  
Selected Economic Indicators for February- March 2018 Released  
Bilateral cooperation agreement between Iran and Russia  
Regulations concerning the importing and exporting foreign currencies to/from the Islamic Republic of Iran  
Banks purchase foreign currencies from tourists and foreign investors  
Iran's economic conditions are suitable for foreign investment  
​​​​​​​Croatia's willingness to expand trade and banking relations with Iran  
The 6th Banking and Business Forum, Iran-Europe  
"Economic Trends" 90th, Autumn1396 (2017/2018) Released  
Iran-Turkey currency swap entered into force, with the opening of the first letter of credit by Bank Melli Iran  
Selected Economic Indicators for January - February 2018 Released  
Swedish participation in the modernization of Iranian transportation fleet extends trade and banking ties  
Oman to become a re-export hub / Iran and Oman expand banking relationships  
New Issue of “Annual Review” for 2016/17 Released  
International effects of removing unlicensed financial institutions from the monetary arena  
Selected Economic Indicators for December 2017- January 2018 Released  
Trust in domestic banks; a result of transparency  
Selected Economic Indicators for November-December 2017 Released  
Dr.Seif's speech in Euromoney Conference as delivered by Dr.Aazizi on his behalf  
New issue of "Economic Report & Balance Sheet" for 1394 (2015/16) Released  
Iran-Switzerland banking relations  
Improvement in Iranian sovereign risk rating  
"Economic Trends" 88th and 89th, Spring & Summer 1396 (2017/2018) Released  
JCPOA, an important factor for maintaining mutual economic interests  
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