Abdolnaser Hemmati, Governor

Date of birth: 1957
Marital status: married/ 3 children
Telephone: (+9821) 29954668
Fax: (+9821)22257083
e-mail: hemmati@cbi.ir

Professional Background
-   present: Governor, Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI)
-    2018: Iranian Ambassador in China
-    1994-2014 & 2018: President of Iran Central Insurance and head of Insurance Supreme Council
-    2013-2016: CEO and chairman of Bank Melli Iran
-    2013-2016: Chairman of Melli Bank PLC (London)  
-    2013-2016: Chairman of Mirbusiness Bank (Mosco)
-    2015-2018: Board member of Iran-Egypt Development Bank
-    2014-present: Chartered expert in investment, money and credit
-    2013-2015: Chairman of Future Bank (Bahrain)
-    2006-2013: CEO of Bank Sina
-    2001-present: Chairman of Asian Reinsurance Corporation (Bangkok)
-    2001-2006: Member of the Economic Committee in the National Security Supreme Council
-    1989-1994: Political vice-president in IRIB
-    1980-1989: Director General of News Department, IRIB

Educational background 

-    1993: Ph.D. in Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Tehran
-    1988: M.A. in Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Tehran
-    1978: B.A. in Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Tehran
 Academic position:
-    Associate Professor; Faculty of Economics, University of Tehran

Teaching Background:
-    At BA level: Macroeconomics, Economy of resources, Economic development
-    At MA level: Macroeconomics, Economy of energy, Economic development and the role of energy

Major projects:
-    2003: Design and implementation of privatisation plan of insurance industry 
-    1998: Origination and follow-up for establishment of National Development Fund

 Published works:
-    1993-2013: (First to fourth editions) Macroeconomics; an introduction to monetary and financial policies, Iran Banking Institute Publications, Tehran
-    1995: Economy of oil, Soroosh Publications, Tehran
-    1997& 2007: (First and second editions) Economic development, Soroosh Publications, Tehran
-    2004: Economy of energy (selected book in the field in 2005), The Institute of International Studies on Energy Publications, Tehran
-    2002-2008: (First to fourth editions) Theoretical and practical aspects of insurance (co-translated by Dr. Ali Dehghani), Iran Central Insurance Publications, Tehran
-    2005: Economy of insurance, (co-translated by Dr. Ali Dehghani, et.al), Insurance Research Centre Publications, Tehran
-    Several scientific papers in the fields of economy, banking, and insurance published in scientific –research journals or presented in conferences
Visits:   6,610