Selected Economic Indicators for October - November 2017 Released

Selected Economic Indicators for October - November 2017 Released
TEHRAN (CBI PR dept) -New issue of "Selected Economic Indicators" for Aban 1396 (Oct - Nov 2017) is now available for public access.

Selected Economic Indicators is an electronic issue published monthly by the Central Bank of Iran, comprising the latest information and economic statistics in the fields of Money and Banking, Balance of Payments, Government Budget and Fiscal Data, and also Capital Market.

The Monetary and Credit Aggregates section covers statistics on the summary of the assets and liabilities of the banking system including commercial, specialized and private banks along with central bank, and non-bank credit institutions. This section also comprises the major monetary variables, banking facilities extended by banks (private and public) and credit institutions (according to Islamic contracts).

Statistics on the balance of payments, imports and non-oil exports, value of non-oil exports, external debts (actual) and the average selling rate of foreign exchange in the interbank and the parallel market on a monthly basis can be found in theBalance of Payments category.

This electronic Issue also contains information about Government Budget and Fiscal Data and Capital Market. Government Budget and Fiscal Data section covers statistics on Government Budget, Tax Revenues, as well as Disposal and Acquisition of Financial Assets.

Also there is the Capital Market section which contains data on Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) Activities, the TSE Indices by Industries, Shares Offered by Public Sector and Banks, and Issuance of Participation Papers.
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