JCPOA, an important factor for maintaining mutual economic interests

JCPOA, an important factor for maintaining mutual economic interests
TEHRAN (CBI PR dept) -In his meeting with the Austrian Ambassador in Tehran Dr. Valiollah Seif considered Europe's commitment to JCPOA as a key element for maintaining the stability and peace in the region and the world.
Dr. Valiollah Seif expressed his gratitude for effective cooperation of Austria in post-JCPOA era. "Recent reactions of European countries against the US sabotage and their support of JCPOA will nullify all adverse attempts", he said.

Pointing to Iranian well-educated and the young workforce and the Austrian modern technologies, the CBI governor emphasised that the ground is paved for creation of more mutual benefits. All deterrents and obstacles on the way of expansion of economic cooperation should be identified and removed as soon as possible so that the signed MOUs could be implemented",  he added.

Dr. Seif mentioned that the US administration is trying to prove that there is no stability in Iran and thus, prevent foreign investors from participating in Iranian projects. "However, Europe's determination to preserve JCPOA plays a significant role in creation of mutual economic benefits and maintaining stability and peace in the region and the world", he continued.

The CBI governor considered correspondent banking relations as the prerequisite for improvement and facilitation of trade relations and said that Austria has managed to respond to its banks' concerns and encouraged them to enter international cooperation with Iran. He pinpointed that Iran has taken serious measures with regard to AML/CFT regulations and anticipates that future FATF decisions will be based on technical and not political grounds.

Stefan Scholz the Austrian Ambassador in Iran referred to the finance contract between Iran and Uber bank in Austria and emphasised that such contracts have encouraged other European banks including some from Denmark and Italy to enter the playground.

He also mentioned that Austrian business people have welcomed the finance contract and expressed their willingness to co-operate with Iran. "The significant number of signed MOUs between the two countries in various fields such as customs, industrial cooperation and the like are clear examples of this enthusiasm", he continues.
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