Improvement in Iranian sovereign risk rating

Improvement in Iranian sovereign risk rating

TEHRAN (CBI PR dept) - The OECD risk rating committee announced that Iran's sovereign risk has promoted a notch to rank of five.


improvement of Iran's rank will count as another step towards achieving a better financial and credit standing for Iran in international markets. This achievement indicates that international banks as well as credit and financial institutions can establish long-term economic and trade relations with Iran with more confidence.

Islamic Republic of Iran believed that the country deserved a better ranking; that is why various institutions including the Export Guarantee Fund, the Central Bank, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have repeatedly asked for improvement of Iran's sovereign risk rating during their negotiations with various countries.

A good rating for each country means lower rates for foreign credit and finance, lower costs for insurance of facilities and better conditions for bargaining in financial contracts. The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran acknowledges that the country deserves an even better ranking than five and will insist on even better improvement of current conditions. The efforts will continue until Iranian banking system achieves its rightful standing in the international arena. The CBI governor has always emphasised the improvement of Iranian sovereign risk rating in his visit and official negotiation with the authorities of other countries.

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