CBI is firmly committed to implement AML laws

CBI is firmly committed to implement AML laws
Abdonnaser Hemmati, head of Iran’s Central bank, set the seal on Iran’s commitment to implement Anti-Money Laundering laws, saying CBI will continue to push forward AML and CFT laws by limiting any financial transactions through anonymous accounts.

“It does not matter to us whether the account owner is Afghan or Iranian. We only want to set restrictions on money transfers via unidentified accounts.” Hemmati said on Saturday, during a visit to IKCO – Iran’s largest automaker.

Hemmati announced a one-month respite and asked all Iranian bank customers to complete their account information in the given time to avoid any further unease. 

It has been quite a while since Central Bank of Iran has engaged in implementing a Nationwide AML law as part of its efforts toward financial transparency. Last week it has announced a set of anti-money laundering measures to limit unidentified money flow through the widely used Iranian RTGS system, famously known as SATNA.
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