50,000 Rials (Series 2007)

Security Features

An image that is partially printed on both sides of the substrate. When the register is viewed under transmitted light, the two parts fit together seamlessly to create a single shape or pattern.On the lower-left side there is a "See-Through Image" of the denomination (50000) which is completed when the banknote is held up to the light.
2- microprint
Small letters, numbers and/or images that are barely perceptible with the naked eye, but become visible at low magnification (under a loupe).
3- Intaglio Sign for the blind
On the lower-left of the front side, there are three intaglio dots inside border lines, for the visually handicapped.
4- combination watermark
Portrait of Imam Khomeini and the denomination (‘50.000‘). The three dimensional watermark of Imam Khomeini in the left part of the banknote is embedded in the paste of paper. When the Banknote is held up to the light, the image can be seen from both sides.
5- windowed Security Thread
The note has a windowed holographic security thread with 2.5 mm width, showing the logo of The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The color of this thread varies with a slight change of light angle; meanwhile the invisible English text of "50000" within the thread is recognizable when light reflects from back side of the paper.
6- Latent Image
When the banknote is tilted horizontally at eye level and held under a light source, the numeral "50000" appears vertically on the right dark green floral design near the portrait and the text "FIFTY THOUSAND RIALS" on the lower dark green border of the front side.
7- Linear design
8- Intaglio Printing
This feature can be easily detected by touch in some parts of the Banknote.
9- Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
Fluorescent colored fibers in green, blue, red and yellow embedded in the paste of paper become visible under ultra violet light on the obverse and reverse sides.
10- fluorescent Ink
Banknote paper doesn't fluoresce under UV light and some parts of offset printing will glow in phosphoric green. signature printed in black changes to light green and serial NO. to yellowish gold.
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