10,000 Rials (HAFEZIEH-SHIRAZ)

Security Features

1- Watermark
three dimensional multi-tonal watermark of imam Khomeini's portrait located within the pulp of paper and it can be seen from both side when held up to the light.

2- electrotype
A very bright watermark, which is number "1" and visible in front of the light.
3- Windowed Security Thread
This holographic thread consists of Persian and English micro-text whit the figure "10000" on it. It is embedded in the way that one part of it is visible and other part is hidden, it will be observed completely from the reverse side of the note when held up to the light.
4- Microprint
Thin texts that can be printed by only security printing machines and are visible by magnifying glass or loop.
5- Linear Design
All banknotes are designed by linear security designing system. Each line consists of the information of its own color, while in forged notes the line are consisted of colored dots which are visible by magnifiers.
6- 3d Line Design (Medallion)
 it is a special linear design which within, designs look embossed
7- Supplementary Design (Offset See-Through Register)
in some banknotes this design is printed as note value, which within a part of it is printed on the observe side of the note and the other part on the reverse side where they form a full design when held up to the light.
8- Intaglio Print
This banknote is printed with 3 intaglio inks which are easily touchable and recognized by fingers. 
9- Invisible Design (Intaglio Latent Image)
This feature is embedded hiddenly in intaglio print and can be detected when banknote is tilted horizontally at the eye level and against light.
10- Embossed Microprint
Embossed thin texts which are visible through using magnifying tools and easily touchable and recognized by fingers.

11- Intaglio Design For The Blind
A special symbol which is embossed by the intaglio printing machines and is placed on the corner of banknotes to help the blind recognize the value and is easily touchable by fingers.
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