Iran Cheque 500,000 Rials (old series)

Security Features of 500,000 Rials IRAN CHEQUE (Old Series)


 Small letters, numbers and/or images that are barely perceptible with the naked eye, but become visible at low magnification (under a loupe).
 The portrait of Ferdowsi is seen in paper pulp.
 An image that is partially printed on both sides of the substrate. When the register is viewed under transmitted light, the two parts fit together seamlessly to create a single shape or pattern.On the lower-left side, there is a "See-Through Image" of the denomination (500000) which is completed when the banknote is held up to the light.
4-Windowed security thread
Holographic windowed security thread including denomination 500000, colorless, is in the paper pulp. 
5-Embedded Security Thread 
 Fluorescent embedded security thread, with the phrase of Bank Markazi Jomhouri Islami Iran on it is visible under UV light in 4 colors.
6-Intaglio printing 
 A printing technique that uses engraved or etched printing plates to create a relief image on the substrate. Intaglio may be recognised by the perceptible relief of the image, and the feathering of the ink. On front side of the Irancheque, whole points in purple and blue colors are intaglio prints, which are easily touchable with hand's fingers.
7-Thermal ink 
The color used in the printing of the central bank logo is such that it disappears by touching the fingers and lifting the heat, and then it will reappear after cooling.
8-Anti-copy mark 
The color of the ink is changed to brown, After taking the copy.

9-In the numbered area, there is an invisible number of “50” that can be seen under UV.
10-3D linear design
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